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A team having a thirty-year experience, invested and constituted in 1992 the WASH MATIC CAR design construction of car wash for cars and commercial vehicles. In the first years it imposed itself in the national area, today the Wash Matic Car boast an international expansion being present in the following nations: Mexico; Israel; Lebanon; Bulgaria; Russia; Nigeria; Venezuela; Switzerland; Tunisia; Malaysia; Belgium; Cyprus, Portugal,……The result of this expansion is due to the functionality and technology adopted by Wash Matic Car. The experience and user’s demands, let the technology and the technical information increase for the user. The use of touch screen replaces the remote control, it allows to customize the car wash of Wash Matic Car in the execution of programs The Wash Matic Car is always careful to the innovation of the market, the new brush ' filo ok' has been tested on demand on Roll Over car wash, the brush 'carlite', recommended for all models of car wash, the brush polish or textil, used to the exit of tunnel after the drying phase, it makes the car perfectly dry and bright through the polish fluid. All brushes of the main national manufacturers can be used: Favagrossa; Igmar; Eurotessuti.

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