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Technological data

Legend Auto alligning platform mobile platform crosswise let the wheels centre at the entry of translation chain Pantograph wheel washer horizontal brushes by the sides of tunnel by crosswise movement to suit all dimensions of cars. Length mm1480 bristle in polyethylene Motors n. 2 1hp. Consumption: Water 60 l/m Current 1,5 Kw Lateral washing half vertical brushes having an inner inclination for the cleaning of low lateral parts of cars and body under the door The rotation opposing the vertical brushes in textile, the electronic control of brushes revolutions, increase services and reliability of lateral washing. The brush in textile with soft rotation together with the softness of foam, get the car ready for the cleaning made by brushes carlitex or carlite. It needs 3 metres of additional chain 3 additional structure Consumption: Water 60 l/m Current 1,5 Kw Fixed underbody washer jet of water supplied by pump multi impeller which provides a pressure di 10 bar with 140 litres / minute. The working is driven by a photocell detecting the car. Motor hp3 Consumtion: Water 60 l/m Current 2,5 Kw Winter resistance low consumption heat generator due a thermostat control, let the working in order to keep the temperature of the area where the hydraulic and pneumatic parts are placed to a level above 0°. Consumption: Current 1Kw Foam arc arc fixed for distribution of foam having particular PVC pipes for distribution of product, supplied by metering pump and air input to increase the foam result Consumption: Water 20 l/m Current 0,5 Kw Program without brushes program of tunnel working without the brushes support. The program makes work (in a progressive way during the passing of car, detected by photocells) arcs of water and products distribution until the dryer. In case the tunnel is equipped with brushes polish car, these one work usually. Additional structure the Wash Matic Car srl designed some solutions of tunnel standard, which can be equipped with options and which needs an additional chain and as a consequence the structure tunnel. These parts must be calculated through multiples of metres 1,5. Traffic light entry/exit traffic light having 2 colours red /green Consumption: Current 0,6 Kw Regulator speed for conveyor electronic inverter for change the frequency of translation motor. If the frequency is increased by the handle control, the tunnel can reach a production 80 cars per hour. The lowest speed is equal to 40 cars/h Consumption: Current 1,5 Kw Start with photocells car detection system which makes the part of tunnel work . The system suggested is the best for consumption saving, is composed of 1 transmitter , 1 receiver, 1 control unit with display Turbo impellers set of 2 impellers with 3 injectors having rotation motion. The set is supplied by a pump multi impeller which provides a pressure 15Bar and 140 litres/minute. The best solution for a side pre-washing of wheel and low parts of cars Consumption: Water 150 l/m recycling Current 2,5 Kw Additional option set of side nozzles for pressure pre-washing ( 70 Bar) of wheels and sides of cars through 1 electro pump 7,5 hp and 40 litres/minute. Consumption: Water 80 l/m Current 15 Kw Brushes carlite all standard models of Wash Matic Car tunnel, are equipped with brushes in polyethylene, on request and with technical expedients, the car wash can be equipped with: carlite; textil; carlitex; the list price must be understood in addition to each brush Anticollision safety system placed to the exit of tunnel with a tubular structure which functions as side anti-intrusion . If the car at the exit has not been removed, the translation is stopped before colliding with the next car. The protection is get by 2 set of photocells to detect vehicles Arc turbo wash volumetrical arc for the pre-washing of cars before treating the washing brushes. The system is composed of 2 PVC pipes of vertical nozzles and 2 PVC pipes of horizontal nozzles due the pivotting mouvement, makes different passages of water on surface of cars in order to remove and soften the dirty parts before the treatment of bristles. Specifications of consumption :  2 water pump 3 hp Total 6 hp  water 300L/m recycling  additional chain metres 3  additional structure included  Consumption: acqua 300 l/m Currente 4,5 Kw Additional arc dryer Arc composed of: 1 central dryer which follows with electronic control composed of 3 set photocells plus 1 central electro-mechanical control 2 side dryers (1 right 1 left) fixed 2 central motors 4 hp total 8 hp 2 side motors 10 hp total 20 hp total 28 hp additional chain mt 3 included additional structure mt 3 included pneumatic mouvement by cylinder Consumption: Current 21 Kw Arc magic foam arc which follows the outline of car by electronical control composed of 3 photocells and 1 electro-mechanical safety system. A special pump of American manufacture distributes the colour foam by a system of pneumatic diaphragm 2 way to give a product of 2 colours, besides a metering pump diaphragm makes the car spray with white foam which at the same time mix on the car 3 products getting an attractive and winning optical effect for people uses the car wash. The working control is given by a photocell for detecting the car which allows a cheap consumption of chemical products. Additional chain metres 1,5 Consumption: water 30 l/m Current 0,5 Kw Wheels cleaner detector of wheels with distribution of product for the cleaning of the same. A special pump as used for arc magic, supplies the rim of the wheel with the product suitable for the cleaning of rims and get them ready to the washing power of volumetrical impellers or high pressure. Arco polish arco di erogazione prodotto chimico polish abbinato all’arco Polish Car Consumi: acqua 30 l/m Corrente 0,5 Kw Arc polish car polishing arc and additional dryer designed by Wash Matic Car on request of customers who need high production and provide special service. The need to make quicker the dryer improving at the exit of tunnel, the service more and more careful to the client, the qualità of service, are the results got con though the Polish Car arc. The arc is composed of: • 2 vertical brushes textil high denseness • 1 vertical brush textil high denseness • 3 electronical control • 2 electronical photocells for detecting cars • 3 metres stuctures tunnel • arc for distribution polish • metering pump polish Consumption: water Current 2 Kw Washing arc arc composed of 4 vertical brushes in polyethylene or carlite or carlitex, checked by 3 magnetic detector and oscillating working, opening by pneumatic cylinder, pressure of working by calibrated tensiometer. The electronical control, allows a double back passage on the car cleaning accurately every model of car. Consumption: water 80 l/m Current 2 Kw

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