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Technical data






Roll Over D                       only dryer having central blade which follows the outline vehicle


Roll Over S                       only wash without dryer



Roll Over S3DS                car wash 3 brushes equipped with dryer – foam – high pressure impellers


Roll Over GHOST             car wash 3 brushes equipped with dryer – Foam – high pressure wheels and vertical high pressure fixed – high pressure for upper sides

Check by Siemens p.l.c.  check of functions and safeties by Siemens P.L.C.


Active foam                                                  pre washing with foam product which distributes on the vehicle a layer of shampoo in order to soften dirty parties of the vehicle.

Multifunction touch screen                     digital button panel that interfaced with the P.L.C.  executes button panel functions, as well as to execute the counter of vehicles washed on the basis of the program run. Besides the technician is able to interface  timer of the P.L.C. and in case make change to go with owner’s requirements.


Central dryer inox hp 8                            set of motors made in steel inox, with detector of the outline vehicle by 3 transmitter photocells and 3 receiver photocells.


Side dryer hp 5,5+5,5                                vertical motors


Dryer control which follows                    detector of dryer to determine the outline vehicle


Metering pump active foam                                     pump for metering the pre washing product


Metering pump shampoo                                          pump for metering the shampoo product


Metering pump wax                                                   pump for metering the wax product


Anti overturning rails                                              rails  “C” shaped with anti overturning system 


High pressure wheels 70 bar 40 l/min                  an high pressure pump  calibrated 70 bar, capacity 40 litres, supplies 2 impellers, due to their rotation, cut the dirt removing it from the vehicle


High pressure for upper parts70 bar 40 l/min an high pressure pump calibrated 70 bar capacity40 litres, supplies a series of cone-shaped nozzles which follow the shape vehicles at close range, make the upper pre washing of the car


High pressure for side parts 70 bar 40 l/min      an high pressure pump calibrated 70 bar capacity 40 litres, supplies a series of cone-shaped nozzles which follow the shape vehicle, make the side pre washing of the car


Safety traffic lights                                                                  traffic lights with 2 lights ( green /red ), the green light means that a car can be put in the washing area or it advises that you can bring nearer to the car in order to take it away from the area.


Splashguards                                                                             two structures shaped, in steel hot temperature varnish complete the car wash structure to protect from splash of water


Regulator speed movement for speedy                   regulator speed movement system. Each program which run, has a speed fixed in advance of movement, to reduce time of washing



Washing counter                                                       every model of washing, has a total vehicles counter, or with touch screen, there are single counters referring the programs


Automatic protective winter system                       suitable for biting cold area , a thermostat checks electrovalves  and when the temperature is at 3 C let them work in order to discharge the water from pipes after the washing of vehicles.


2 gear box translation                                               double gear box of translation, ( 1 right, 1 left)


Safety clutch for translation                                   if some obstacles turn up on rails, , the translation slides thanks to clutches


Wash control front/back                                          the front and back of vehicles are the most difficult parts to wash usually. The Wash control, let vertical brushes do a double brush on front and back of vehicle. It follows that parts in question are washed with the efficacy of 4 brushes..


Protection general power water                              plastic chain to protect the air water power supply as the accident prevention measures demand


Soft brush ( carlite )                                                   non-scratch brushes of new generation


Wheel washer                                                                            circular shaped brushes  for cleaning of wheels


Car wash Roll Over The production of Wash Matic Car, is composed of a series of car wash which change in order to satisfy demands of all market of car wash, the solutions are subdivided in the following categories : Car dealer, reseller of new and second-hand cars, garage for parking – model Roll Over 3D Service area, washing area in town centre, tyre-dealer, oil company – Roll Over S3DS Washing area self service, parking with self service, gas station, machine shop, commercial parking, commercial, industrial, artisan areas– Roll Over GHOST.


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